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description: Get any legal demand letter sent out by an attorney in 48 hrs or less for only $299!

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      	LetterDash - Demand Letters - Cease and Desist Letters - $299/Flat Rate
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              Request a letter now
                              How it works
                              Compare LetterDash
                          (877) 889-6227
                                          Request a letter now
                              How it works
                              Compare LetterDash
                              (877) 889-6227
                                                  Request a letter now
                     Fast, Affordable, Zero-hassle.     
      Get local attorneys to send your legal letter in 48 hours for $299.
                                      Request a letter now (No charge for the request!)
                                  Celebrating thousands of clients since 2018 and counting
                           This is a no-brainer. Here's why.
                                      Insane 48 Hour Turnaround

      Attorneys outside of LetterDash take weeks to deliver. LetterDash delivers in 48 business hours.

      $299 Per Letter

      No more overpaying. Most law firms charge an average of $1,375 for a simple letter. You'll get it for $299 via LetterDash.

      Fast, zero-hassle process

      No waiting around. No complicated forms. No robots. Just answer a few simple questions and the law firms do the rest.

      Attorneys in almost all 50 states

      No matter where you are or what your case is about, there's an attorney or affiliate that knows your state laws and is ready to help.

      Top tier attorneys.

      Drafted and sent by no-nonsense licensed attorneys that provide an exceptional quality of work.

      Lightning speed communication

      Read the reviews from our clients. We communicate at an insane pace. No attorney or law firm can compete. Instead of waiting days or weeks for a response, you'll get responses from LetterDash in minutes. You've been warned!

      Want to file a lawsuit as well?

      No problem! We have a fast, zero-hassle process to assist with the lawsuit filing process later on.

      Trusted by thousands and mentioned in the media.

      "Amazing Advice From Demand Letter Guru From LetterDash. LetterDash is a game changer."

      "Services like Letterdash are changing the legal space."

      "The many 18 hour workdays and time we spent focusing on each tiny thing to make sure the customer was blown away by the service have all been a major factor in our explosive growth and ability to reach that $1M milestone"

      "With LetterDash, customer service has played a major role in the growth of the company."

      "This is why LetterDash is such a fantastic solution when individuals and businesses need a demand letter fast."

      LetterDash was amazing! Another local lawyer wanted a $3,000 retainer and $500 just to send a letter of intent. These guys did the job for $250 and the attorney assigned to my case treated me like I was one of their clients on retainer.

      Raphael Locsin, LetterDash Client

      Read More Reviews Here's how it works. landscape icon One Simple Form

      You provide LetterDash with the case details and supporting documentation.

      bulb icon Your Case is Assigned

      LetterDash assigns your case to a licensed attorney for drafting.

      restart icon First Draft Review

      The attorney delivers the first draft and we send it to you for review.

      checklist icon Draft Revisions and Final Approval

      Revisions are completed. You provide the final approval.

      restart icon Delivery and Responses

      Your letter is sent out via USPS, certified, signature required. If the opposition responds, it's immediately forwarded to you.

      What our clients are saying. Raphael Locsin

      LetterDash was amazing! Another lawyer wanted a $3,000 retainer and $500 just to send a letter of intent. These guys did the job for $250 and the attorney assigned to my case treated me like I was one of their clients on retainer. If my case escalates, which hopefully it does not, these guys are the first people I will reach out to. They have definitely earned my trust.

      Cameron Archibald

      Excellent. It's about time we have something like this. I needed a letter of opinion and I got quotes from other Lawyers ranging from $3,000-$5,000. Instead I got it for $250. They were fast efficient and were responsive to all edit requests. This is a slam dunk. I am totally using them again.

      Mory KatanLocal Guide 257 Reviews

      Responsive, professional, and diligent with their work; the final product was better than anything we could have asked for!

      Request a demand letter now

      Having an attorney send out a powerful, no-nonsense demand letter to an individual or company will quickly motivate them to do the right thing.

      I'm Ready!

      Request A Letter Now

      You're one simple form away from requesting a letter. Get Started

      Have Questions?

      No problem. Fill out this form and someone will contact you shortly with answers.

      1 Reasons to send a legal letter

      Express your intent to sue

      Negotiate, bargain or force compliance

      Breach of Contract

      Employer/Employment/Wage Issues

      Cease and Desist

      Landlord/Tenant Issues


      Return of property

      End illegal activity or annoyances

      Opinion Letters for Financial Transactions

      401k/Hardship Related Issues


      Introductory Rate Ending Soon

      $299/letter GET STARTED We're here to help Support is just a few taps away. You can also get your questions answered by using our help library. Contact Us Main Links Attorney Application Send a Letter Pricing Law Firm Application Compare LetterDash Message from CEO Contact Resources National Average Cease & Desist Letter Costs National Average Demand Letter Costs Demand Letter Cease and Desist Letter High Risk Merchant Account Opinion Letters Articles From $0 to $1 Million in Less Than One Year How To Win Your Legal Battle In One Step Google My Business 4 Ways to Cover Your Ass Legally as a Business Owner Compared: 3 Best Online Legal Services $(document).ready(function(){ // slider $slick_slider = $('.brands-box--inline'); settings_slider = { dots: true, arrows: false, adaptiveHeight: true // more settings } slick_on_mobile( $slick_slider, settings_slider); // slick on mobile function slick_on_mobile(slider, settings){ $(window).on('load resize', function() { if ($(window).width() > 767) { if (slider.hasClass('slick-initialized')) { slider.slick('unslick'); } return } if (!slider.hasClass('slick-initialized')) { return slider.slick(settings); } }); }; $('.brands-box--inline').on('swipe', function(event, slick, direction) { $('.swipe').parent().addClass('no-icon'); }); var $tickerWrapper = $(".tickerwrapper"); var $list = $tickerWrapper.find("div.list"); var $clonedList = $list.clone(); var listWidth = 10; $list.find(".list-item").each(function (i) { listWidth += $(this, i).outerWidth(true); }); var endPos = $tickerWrapper.width() - listWidth; $list.add($clonedList).css({ "width" : listWidth + "px" }); $clonedList.addClass("cloned").appendTo($tickerWrapper); //TimelineMax var infinite = new TimelineMax({repeat: -1, paused: true}); var time = 30; infinite .fromTo($list, time, {rotation:0.01,x:0}, {force3D:true, x: -listWidth, ease: Linear.easeNone}, 0) .fromTo($clonedList, time, {rotation:0.01, x:listWidth}, {force3D:true, x:0, ease: Linear.easeNone}, 0) .set($list, {force3D:true, rotation:0.01, x: listWidth}) .to($clonedList, time, {force3D:true, rotation:0.01, x: -listWidth, ease: Linear.easeNone}, time) .to($list, time, {force3D:true, rotation:0.01, x: 0, ease: Linear.easeNone}, time) .progress(1).progress(0) .play(); //Pause/Play $tickerWrapper.on("mouseenter", function(){ infinite.pause(); }).on("mouseleave", function(){ infinite.play(); }); })

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